Notice Regarding Lakes, Waterways and Docks

The Rotonda Meadows/Villas Association would like to remind everyone that the Lakes and Waterways within the subdivision are privately owned by the Association. The Lakes and Waterways are part of a master drainage plan for the subdivision and are maintained by the Association. The Lakes are also intended for the enjoyment of Members of the Association only. This means that they are not available to the public for fishing, boating etc. If you encounter someone who is Trespassing on Association owned property please notify the Sheriff’s office. An “Authorization for Trespass Violations” has been filed with the Sheriff’s Office and is available Here. This form contains an Affidavit stating the waterways are privately owned and authorizes the Sheriff’s office to remove trespassers.

Additionally, the Board of Directors has adopted new guidelines regarding the construction of Docks on Association owned waterways and property. The Dock Guidelines and Dock License Agreement can be found by clicking Here